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As a tapestry artist who graduated from the Department of Tapestry established by Noemi Ferenczy, I was first able to give answers to the difficult questions of what the tapestry genre means to me personally, and what it means in general, at the Szombathely Biennale "+/- Gobelin" exhibition staged in 1980.
With the help of my works entitled "Development and Enlargement", I presented tapestry as a kind of rebellion against the established order, in other words against the dominance of tapestries designed by painters, offering the analogy of the photograph but responding at the same time to international anti-painting trends in art and to hyper-realism. In order to achieve an effect similar to that of the grainy surface of photographs, I conducted experiments utilizing the various possibilities offered by materials, colors and the methodology of weaving. My findings at this time I have since used, incorporating them into my works. In connection with the way of thinking attendant on this period, I was interested first and foremost in what could be related to, and imported into, tapestry.
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